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  1. Noble Energy Malabo Dos Campus

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    5 Building Campus, with Perimeter Lighting & Security Cameras Including:
    Residential/Office Building:
    – Indoor/Outdoor Café, Coffee/Break Room, Conference Room, Data Center with Satellite Up-link, Men’s & Women’s Locker & Shower Rooms
    – Open & Closed Office Space & Conference Rooms
    – Residential Units, Laundry & Housekeeping Rooms, Resident’s Storage, & Lounge
    Visitor’s Center:
    – Waiting & Reception Areas, Guard House & Security Check-in Areas
    Recreation Center & Clinic Building:
    – Medical Clinic
    – Fitness Center, Outdoor Saltwater Pool, Game Room, Patio
    Warehouse Building:
    – Storage, Laundry, Assembly Room, Lounge
    Industrial Generator & Maintenance Building:
    – 4 Generator Rooms, Switchgear Room, Water Treatment Room, Office, Maintenance Shop

  2. Futila Sea Breeze

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    10+ Hectares,  A New All-Inclusive, Oceanfront, Secured, Expatriate Community, Including:

    • Residential Units Ranging from:
         – 1 3-Bedroom Units in 16 Individual Buildings
         – 10 3-Bedroom, 2-Bath Single Family Residences
    • Community Center, Administration Center & Business Center
    • Fully Equipped Fitness Center
    • Outdoor Swimming Pool with Conveniently Located Locker Rooms
    • Full Service Restaurant, Bar, Lounge/TV Room & Game Room
    • On-Site Mini-Market
    • On-Site Clinic
    • Fitness Trail
    • Barbecue Picnic Area
    • Beach Volleyball Court
    • Basketball Court
    • Boat Dock
    • Private Beach Area
    • Guard & Security Facility and Maintenance
    • Storage Facilities
    • Independent Water Reservoir
    • Sanitary Treatment Plant
    • Back-Up Generators
    • 300 Resident Parking Spaces
    • Site Helipad

  3. Edificio Cuauhtemoc

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    New Office Tower Atop a Parking Garage with 10,763 SF of Retail Space and a 5,382 SF Banco Santander Branch
    Pre-Certified LEED Platinum

  4. The Pavilion Restaurant

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    New Restaurant Including:
     – Main Dining Room
     – Private Dining Rooms
     – Wine Cellar
     – Wine Cellar Dining Room
     – Wine Cellar Storage
     – Lounge/Bar