BriarLake Plaza - Houston, Texas


Throughout the years of our individual professional development, we have strived to design and engineer building systems that are both efficient and economical through design innovations and the utilization of new products and technologies. So, it stands to reason that we share an enthusiasm and dedication to the goals of sustainable design initiatives.

WYLIE design engineers use practical and collaborative approaches to advance sustainable building design and construction practices. Because the LEED standards keep changing, we stay current with new requirements so our projects pass certification more easily. We encourage our young engineers to gain LEED Certification in at least one area.

Our commitment to sustainability hasn’t just started over recent years. It has been an integral part of our design philosophy since this firm was established and is shared by many of our long time clients as well. We continue to learn and are taking these core values to the next level through the use of renewable energy sources, water conservation measures, energy efficient systems and indoor air quality monitoring.

Various sustainable initiatives were incorporated into the MEP systems in some of our most recent projects, such as Energy Center Developments One through Five, BG Group Place, alliantgroup Office Building and the Halliburton North Belt Corporate Campus, to name a few.